Supervision Plus 

Membership Group for Coaches

For new and established coaches who want to thrive in their coaching businesses, whilst looking after their own wellbeing.

Join our supportive community where everyone’s valued, it’s a safe space to be vulnerable, and personal development is a core theme.

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Does any of this sound like you?

You have a lack of clarity with your coaching services, leading to low motivation, confusion, or frustration

You’re offering lots of value through free or low priced services because you don’t feel ‘good enough’ to charge your worth

You’re waiting for everything to be perfect, or all your ducks to be in a row, before taking action, resulting in slow or no progress

You have lots of ideas for your coaching practice or business, and need to bounce them off someone, but feel isolated and lack a team or community you trust to do this with

Plus, you’re a coach who loves to continue learning and enjoys all the benefits that supervision brings, you’ve just not found the right group for you yet!

What if things could be different?

Imagine being super clear about who you serve

You know their pain points and challenges, the solutions you provide, and how to communicate this clearly and confidently

Imagine being clear about your value

You are confidently charging what you’re worth, and have clarity about the value and transformation you give your clients

Imagine taking control of your prefectionist tendencies

You take action, learn from your experiences, and iterate your way to success a lot faster than if you’d waited until everything was perfect

Imagine having regular supervision where you continue learning & growing

You continually develop your practice and are part of a supportive group of coaches who positively challenge each other

Imagine having access to a range of coaching & personal development resources

You’ll increase your coaching toolkit, giving you more resources to use with your coachees and in your coaching business

Imagine being part of a community who challenge and inspire each other

You’ll receive support, have a sounding board for your ideas and questions, make valuable connections and even collaborate with other coaches

If you find yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone …

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So you can continue to …

– have a lack of clarity and feel frustrated

– experience a lack of progress with your coaching practice and feel demotivated

– devalue your services

– feel isolated with no sounding board to bounce your ideas off


Or you can …

– gain confidence from clearly identifying why you do what you do … who you help, the difference you make, and the transformations you create

– make at least satisfying progress by taking imperfect action, learning from the results and positively moving forward

– value yourself and your services in an authentic way, celebrating your successes

– become part of a thriving community of fellow coaches, where you can be vulnerable, share and overcome your challenges, network with like-minded professionals, and receive valuable group supervision

Which would you prefer?

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What members say …

The Supervision Plus Membership group is a great combination of meetings and approaches designed to enable a coach, at whatever level of experience and type of practice, to reflect, develop and learn. 

But the greatest asset of the group is Debbie herself; her philosophy, values, creativity and desire to provide the best to everyone as individuals, whilst creating a warm, supportive and collaborative community of practice is what provides the real value and enjoyment of being part of the group. 

If you are in any doubt, just make contact with Debbie and find out for yourself.

Carole Whyley

Coach, Eunoia Coaching

I am delighted that I joined the group as a founding member.

The quality of the documents and sessions provided by Debbie has been outstanding. I feel very valued and included within the group. I’m given numerous opportunities to share my thoughts, feelings, knowledge, insight and observations which supports my growth. If you are a coach and want to be held accountable whilst challenged in a psychologically safe environment, and have the added benefit of group supervision, to support your learning and practice, then this group is for you and I would highly recommend considering joining.

Claire Cahill

Executive, Confidence & Leadership Coach, Accendo Coaching & Training

I’ve gained a huge amount in the two months of being a member.

For example I have started some good habits that I knew I ‘should’ be doing but wasn’t, due to lack of accountability.  I’ve now got the accountability and supervision I was missing, plus I’ve had the privilege of connecting with extremely generous and kind coaches, who have shared their wisdom in person and through our LinkedIn group. Debbie is excellent at creating a safe space in our sessions and ensuring that everyone feels included.  She is also very encouraging and generous with her wisdom.  I am so glad I signed up.

Lindsey Ladhams

Coach, Lindsey Ladhams Coaching

Joining SPMG is the best investment I have made all year!

I was looking to join a professional group of fellow coaches who would provide the support and challenge I need. I knew that Debbie would be instrumental in leading this, but it’s also the other members who ensure that I’m allowed the safe space to think and reflect.What I have gained from the group has been more than I expected. I would highly recommend joining SPMG. If you’re a coach looking for a supportive group of like minded coaches who will support and challenge you then this is it.

Steve Hoey

Coach, Fathom Out

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