We’re a supportive community of coaches, providing a fun, positive, relaxed safe space to continue learning and growing your coaching practice

This membership is for you if …

You're a new coach

… and want some support getting started e.g. setting up in-house coaching programmes, charging for your services, managing ‘imposter syndrome’, etc.

You're feeling isolated

… and lack that ‘team’ around you to bounce ideas off, learn from others’ experiences, and share your successes with like-minded professionals

You have 'perfectionist' traits

… and you’re frustrated that this is holding you back, and is stopping you achieving your goals for yourself / your business

You're an experienced coach

… who wants to be part of a supportive community which provides both personal & coaching development

A Group Designed For You

My mission is to provide a supportive, creative, developmental and fun space where coaches thrive, so they can provide the best service for their coachees, whilst also looking after their own wellbeing.

In this membership I bring together:

  • over 17 years of coaching and coach-training in public, private and third sector organisations,
  • a creative mindset, which I use to create coaching resources and a positive learning space
  • my supervision training and 5 years experience


2 Membership Levels:


Monthly Goal-Setting & Planning Sessions

Accredited Group Supervision (4 per yr) – flexible group

Coaching, Supervision & Personal Development Resources

Private Members Forum

Fee: £50/month

(Minimum 6 months)


Monthly Goal-Setting & Planning Sessions

Accredited Group Supervision (6 per yr) – static group
Plus access to the flexible group sessions too!

Masterclasses (4 per year)

Coaching, Supervision & Personal Development Resources

Private Members Forum

Fee: £75/month

(Minimum 6 months)

Membership Features


Monthly Goal-Setting & Planning Sessions

Held on or around 1st of each month, these provide a safe, supportive space where you have quality time to reflect on the previous month, set your intentions for the month ahead, and receive accountability if you need it. We also have fun too!

Sessions are live, so that you can make valuable connections with fellow coaches, ask questions, find solutions, use them as a sounding board (like an extended team!)

They are also recorded so that you can catch up later if you can’t attend.


Accredited Group Supervision

… that will not only continue to grow you coaching practice, and provide you with opportunities to learn from other coaches, it will tick that box for insurance companies and large coaching organisations who require regular supervision.

The number of sessions depends on which membership level you choose.

Introductory Level: 4 per year

Mastermind level: 6 per year


Monthly Resources

Access to our Resources Vault provides you with more tools for your coaching and personal development toolkit, so that you have a wider choice for your work with coaching clients.

New resources are added each month, and you have access to the whole Resources Vault while you’re a member.

Resources are downloadable and include coaching frameworks, promotional & marketing ideas, printable coaching cards, and presentation image slides for virtual coaching or training check-ins, etc.


Quarterly Masterclasses

These will help to top up, and add further value to, your coaching skills and toolkit. Topics vary from exploring coaching models, to promoting and marketing your coaching practice, and to ensuring your own wellbeing.

Masterclasses are either led by a guest presenter or myself. Topics are chosen depending on current challenges and needs.


Private Members Forum

Our forum is super supportive and gives you a platform to share your challenges and successes, get answers to your questions, network with other coaches, and get valuable accountability to ensure your ongoing progress.

The forum is currently held on LinkedIn. (I can help you set up a free LinkedIn account if you don’t have one.)


You have the opportunity to be our ‘Featured Coach of the Month’ where you’ll be promoted on social media, and you’ll receive a one-hour focused 1-1 session with me.

You can choose to use this on any aspect(s) of your coaching practice or business. It can be a coaching, mentoring, training or supervision session. You choose!

And I often throw in a few surprises to the membership too!

Have some questions or want to chat to see if we’re a good fit?


Free 15 minute chat

Email me to arrange a no-oblication chat

The Supervision Plus Membership group is a great combination of meetings and approaches designed to enable a coach, at whatever level of experience and type of practice, to reflect, develop and learn. 
But the greatest asset of the group is Debbie herself; her philosophy, values, creativity and desire to provide the best to everyone as individuals, whilst creating a warm, supportive and collaborative community of practice is what provides the real value and enjoyment of being part of the group. 
If you are in any doubt, just make contact with Debbie and find out for yourself.

Carole Whyley

Coach, Eunoia Coaching

I’ve gained a huge amount in the two months of being a member, for example I have started some good habits that I knew I ‘should’ be doing but wasn’t, due to lack of accountability.  I’ve now got the accountability and supervision I was missing, plus I’ve had the privilege of connecting with extremely generous and kind coaches, who have shared their wisdom in person and through our LinkedIn group. Debbie is excellent at creating a safe space in our sessions and ensuring that everyone feels included.  She is also very encouraging and generous with her wisdom.  I am so glad I signed up.

Lindsey Ladhams

Coach, Lindsey Ladhams Coaching

I am delighted that I joined the group as a founding member. The quality of the documents and sessions provided by Debbie has been outstanding. I feel very valued and included within the group, I’m given numerous opportunities to share my thoughts, feelings, knowledge, insight and observations which supports my growth and others within the group. If you are a coach and want to be held accountable whilst challenged in a psychological safe environment and have the added benefit of group supervision to support your learning and practice, then this group is for you and I would highly recommend considering joining.

Claire Cahill

Executive, Confidence & Leadership Coach, Accendo Coaching & Training

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried memberships before, how is this different?

The difference lies in the holistic approach to your development, and the strong community feel that exists between us. You’ll become part of an extended ‘team’ of coaches who support and collaborate with each other. There’s no hierarchy, irrespective of how long you’ve been a coach for. We also aim to have some fun! 

How do I join?

Once you’ve decided to join us, I’ll send you a link to create your account in the members area, which will give you access to all the downloadable resources and recordings of live sessions. As part of this joining process you’ll set up your monthly payment, which uses Stripe.

Is there a minimum membership period?

In order to have the opportunity to take part in, and benefit from, all the different membership features, you’re required to commit to a minimum of 6 months. After that you can cancel your membership any time.

How long do I have access to the resources?

You can access the resources in the vault for as long as you are a member.

How much of my time per month will the membership involve?

This depends on what you want from your membership. Monthly Goal-Setting sessions and the quarterly Masterclasses are up to 90 minutes. The Group Supervision sessions are 1.5 – 2 hours, and you can choose how much time you spend in the Members Forum on LinkedIn and looking through the Resource Vault … the more you put into the membership, the more you’ll get out of it!

I also appreciate that our priorities can change from month to month, which can result in you having more time for the membership in some months than others.

As part of this community, we like to be there for each other, and when members ‘go quiet’ I will send a quick email to see how things are and if they need anything from us. 

What if I can’t attend one of the live sessions?

The monthly Goal-Setting sessions and the Masterclasses are recorded. All recordings can be accessed in the Resources Vault.

Supervision sessions are not recorded for confidentiality purposes.

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2 Siberia Cottages, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 5LN, UK