The membership’s been going for just over 7 months now, and I’ve loved every minute of it!

It’s not been all plain sailing. There have been technical glitches, and I’ve verged on overwhelm several times, as my creative juices have meant I’ve spent far too long on designing some of the resources for the members. This has now been solved with a bit of long overdue outsourcing!

The members and their feedback have also kept me going. I cannot thank them enough for their trust in me, and support, as I grow the group’s offering and settle into delivering the various elements of the membership.

Their feedback has been awesome too!

Being part of the SPMG has been my inspiration! Debbie’s facilitation is outstanding! Her ability to seamlessly guide the group through a myriad of experiences and thought processes has created the most incredible platform for us to grow as individuals, whilst sharing a common ideal.  

Ruth Town

Wellbeing & Resilience Coach, Ruth Town Consultancy Services Ltd

Joining SPMG is the best investment I have made all year! I was looking to join a professional group of fellow coaches who would provide the support and challenge I need. I knew that Debbie would be instrumental in leading this, but it’s also the other members who ensure that I’m allowed the safe space to think and reflect.

Steve Hoey

Coach, Fathom Out

I’ve gained a huge amount in the two months of being a member … I’ve now got the accountability and supervision I was missing, plus I’ve had the privilege of connecting with extremely generous and kind coaches. Debbie is excellent at creating a safe space in our sessions and ensuring that everyone feels included.

Lindsey Ladhams

Coach, Lindsey Ladhams Coaching

I think what’s been key to the group’s success so far, has been the investment the members have given to supporting each other to create the community that we now have. It’s amazing and inspirational smile

Most of this happens in the ‘live’ sessions (Monthly Goal-setting session, or Group supervision, for example).

This is where the magic happens!

Members are creating accountability buddies for their goals.

Members are forming collaborations, so they can provide greater value to clients.

They are posting their successes in our LinkedIn group, and getting lots of support and encouragement.

There’s also a level of challenge that happens too, which helps us to maximise our growth.


What do you think is key to the success of a membership community?

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